A Good Stretch

I believe you should have dreams that scare you. Dreams that stretch you, that is seemingly very difficult, if not impossible.

In 2007, when I was in university, people tell me no local student can win Student Union President. I calculated my odds, measured myself, ran for it and won.
In 2011, as I was descending from the summit of Mt Kinabalu, together with my brother and my friend Fazril, we joked about climbing the next big thing: Mt Kilimanjaro. I have never even been to Africa at that point. I calculated my odds (and how much I have in my pocket!), measured myself, went to Tanzania and summitted the mountain.
In 2014, a day after my birthday in December, despite having a demanding job in Johor, I told myself it’s time to take my interest in coffee to the next level. I got myself a very driven partner (it’s called a wife) and together we laid the plans for a cafe. I calculated my odds (and again my pocket, right and left), measured myself and put plans into implementation. I’m excited to be able to tell you if this will be a success story or a lesson to be learnt but perhaps you will be the one to tell me. Our shop opens in a few days. Do come over and say Hi.

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