Understanding Numbers

Prior to starting Double A, I’ve studied different business ventures and as a person on salary, it’s a common to relate the capital required to start a business to one’s salary. I did it and I’ve heard many people say it out loud too. “Wow, to start a xxx franchise I’ll need RM300k, that’s like xx years my salary”. It’s a mental trap that serves no purpose but to talk you out of taking action.

I believe you can start a business with any amount of capital.

A man with no money will say, “I wish I have RM1000, then I can start a stall in a pasar malam (night market)”.

A man with RM1000 will say, “Man I wish I have RM10,000, then I can start a nasi ayam shop in a food court”. And ends up doing nothing.

A man with RM10,000 will say, “Man I wish I have RM1million, then I can start a McDonald’s franchise”. And ends up doing nothing.

A good friend of mine told me, many times, “Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast”. It was with that mantra and spirit that we grew a non-profit from its humble beginnings to national prominence and sustainability. In many ways, that spirit is very relevant to new business ventures. Take action. Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast.

Random plug-in: Selfie with the team!


3 comments on “Understanding Numbers”
  1. Rishandeen N says:

    A short but worthwhile read. Addresses a very interesting topic – good luck with Double A Cafe! Next time I’m in Malaysia I will drop definitely drop in for a cuppa.

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  2. Sarina says:

    You should go to Chilis for lunch. Huhuhu.


    1. aimansjaafar says:

      There’s no Chilis in JB :O #iloveKL


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