Double A on BFM 89.9

As a corporate guy, one of the things I do to pass time while commuting to work is to listen to the Breakfast Grill on BFM 89.9. It is a treasure chest of executive experience which any  corporate executive could benefit from.

It was with great excitement that I was contacted by my former university mate to come speak on BFM about Double A Café on the Open for Business segment.

It’s a thrilling thought, to be playing a different role in your own daily ritual. Instead of listening to an interview, I’d be the one speaking and thousands (tens of thousands?) would be listening.

The beauty of overthinking is that you tend to be more thorough. “What am I gonna say?” “I don’t want to sound silly on Live radio…especially when they save a podcast!” One may think that since you are talking about your own business, you can technically goreng your way. Yes you can, but you can still sound silly.

I learnt how live interviews are conducted. They give you a skeleton of questions in advance so you can prepare (I guess so they can prepare too). You would be invited to arrive 30 minutes before air time where the host would prep you by running through the questions – this is good as you get to plan the words you want to say. The Live session is somewhat of a recap of the prep session, albeit Live and recorded and everybody is listening.

Double A has had interviews before but few such as BFM, where we would go into the Whys of the business, Live.

Interviews are a great prompt for personal reflection. As a person, I’m a firm believer on the importance of reflecting on one’s experience. I believe reflecting helps you to rationalise your day, it helps with your stress levels, it helps you to better learn from an experience and most importantly, it helps you to grow and to learn what kind of person you are.

You can listen the full interview here:

The interview was conducted by Freda Liu and being the cheerful conversationalist that she is, she helped tremendously in making us feel comfortable and have a great interview. Thanks Freda and Jermaine 🙂

(this is not the interviewer) 😀

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