Lee Chong Wei

Dato Lee Chong Wei won the silver medal tonight. In the competition it meant he was second but we Malaysians know in our hearts he is second to no one.

National athletes are an embodiment of something special. From the pursuit to excel in their sport, they in turn become our torch bearers, carrying our hopes and dreams – perhaps that is why all participants in the Olympic Games are Olympians and not just the medal winners. For us Malaysians, I do believe that hope and dream goes beyond the collective dream of winning a Gold medal. It warms me that we have a collective soul, that we could dream the same dream, that we feel for Chong Wei and we could agree without doubt that he is a national hero.

Today has been a day full of talk about Chong Wei but it prompts for reflection and learning. Here is a man who carried our dreams in the last Olympics, and in his second placing was thought too old to continue but continued to carry this heavy burden. He lost his World No.1 title only to regain it back and continued to carry our hopes and dreams.

Malaysia will win the Gold medal one day. And when that day comes, we will all know it is because athletes like Dato Lee Chong Wei inspired us, united us and carried our dreams for us. Thank you Dato Lee Chong Wei.

#ThankYouLCW #badminton #rio2016 #nationalhero

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